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Airless Cosmetics, Cruelty-free

Neoderma was entering the competitive skincare market and needed to set themselves apart. In a saturated market, this meant defining and highlighting their unique selling points and ensuring the conveyance of a cohesive message across all touchpoints and marketing assets. Our goal was to ensure the successful launch of Neoderma in the Dutch market.

Our collaboration resulted in the development of Neoderma’s brand identity, including the identification of their unique selling points. We positioned Neoderma as a premium skincare brand with scientific backing: their innovative, airless and cruelty-free USPs were highlighted and conveyed throughout all marketing material. Our design team created digital assets and product packaging that spoke the language of the Neoderma brand: new, decidedly modern and sleek. Shades of white and black create subtle backdrops – leaving space for the products to speak for themselves.

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Neoderma - Video display
Neoderma - Packshot
Neoderma - Opening event - Amstel Hotel
Neoderma - Logo
Neoderma - Office
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