Airless Cosmetics, Cruelty-free

Neoderma, a premium airless skincare brand. Cruelty-free luxury skincare, driven by science and inspired by beauty. Neoderma is more than clean beauty, curated for the smart generation. It is the world’s first airless cosmetics brand, pioneering an ethical approach for flawless skin. We were requested to introduce Neoderma to the Dutch professional beauty market.


Event management
Spatial design
Art direction
Digital assets
UI/UX design


Sanne Huuskes
Esmee Sanders
‍Remke Zoon
Jannes Haagsman

During the Grand opening in the Amstel hotel Amsterdam, Neoderma introduced and showcased herself to all beauty experts across the Netherlands. In the modern and classical space, innovative items were placed e.g. black and white columns placing each product on a pedestal.