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The epitome of luxury: Modern Design is a full-service interior design agency that offers comprehensive design solutions to both residential and commercial projects. Throughout our collaboration, we were mindful to ensure that all digital assets and branding elements exuded luxury. From the outset, Modern Design’s clients needed to understand the bespoke nature of the agency’s services. Premium, high-quality service is paramount to their brand narrative and thus this understanding informed the framework through which we developed the company’s rebranding.

The result was a polished digital presence: seamless UX design, a rich colour scheme and high-quality images melded to form the Modern Design website. Digital assets extended beyond the website to include packaging and print, as well as broader communication including email marketing and social media campaigns.

Packaging & print
Communication assets
UX/UI design

Modern Design - Window Logo
Modern Design - Print
Modern Design's mission is to be a reputable, sustainable, and on-demand interior design company that positively influences the lives of its clients and leaves a lasting impression on them. To reinforce this mission and portray Modern Design's personality, we blended their architectural heritage into new designs and shapes, resulting in a sophisticated and passionate new design, placing their work on a pedestal.
Modern Design - Collection Book
Modern Design - Visuals
Modern Design - Collection
Modern Design - Mobile Website
Modern Design - Mobile Website
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