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Predict the future faces of Football

Disrupt the traditional football market by introducing the interactive app and development platform for players, scouts and coaches named JOGO. An unconventional brand with innovative, yet obvious technical solutions the industry never knew it needed. JOGO digitalises the analogue world of football with smart innovation and sensors. By creating a strong and impactful identity, we have brought this disruptive concept to life.

Content design
Creative design
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Digital implementation

JOGO Dynamic Brand Identity
JOGO Brand Identity, predicting the future faces of football
JOGO is developed for players and trainers. Both are important contributors to the development of the sport, but with different objectives and challenges. We accentuated this distinction by using contrasting styles, which collectively work in parallel. We used the playing field as the starting point for identity creation. By deconstructing it, we used the shapes as building blocks to emphasise the innovation and creativity of the platform.
JOGO Brand Identity sysytem
Jogo - App Video
Jogo - App Video
JOGO Website, UX and UI Design
JOGO Mobile responsive design
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