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Plaza Hollandi is a romantic oasis of floral arrangements, plants and gifts. Located in Doha and steeped in 25+ years of Dutch excellence, Plaza Hollandi is the largest flower retailer in Qatar. To maintain its position, the company needed to rebrand itself in the digital landscape. Plaza Hollandi sought to cultivate an image of prosperity; capitalising on its pre-existing brand loyalty while harnessing its untapped potential.

DUTCH DESIGN AGENCY crafted a compelling brand narrative that retold the story of Plaza Hollandi through the digital lens. Strategic rebranding, the power of storytelling, redesigned store layouts and effective UX/UI design all came together to create a new brand presence – laying the foundation for future engagements and augmenting the company’s regional presence.

Brand roll-out
Store design
UX/UI design

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Blumen - Model
An online shopping experience has been designed and developed to match their offline shopping experience, which is much like an art-gallery experience. Clean, large images, and a strong focus on flowers, formed the main ingredients for their e-commerce experience. For the launch of the brand, a campaign has been produced in the Netherlands, including talented florist designers and high quality Dutch flowers.
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blumen website desktop
blumen website desktop
blumen website desktop
blumen website desktop
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