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Tommy x Mercedes F1 X Awake NY

When Tommy Hilfiger enlisted our help to create the perfect brand campaign – a trifecta collaboration with Mercedes F1 and Awake NY– our team began creating a collaboration that championed determination while staying true to the classic Tommy Hilfiger spirit. Allowing each brand to shine in equal measure proved to be the biggest challenge. But consultations with each brand enabled us to perfect the art of seamless balance: blending the aesthetic, brand identity and values of each brand.

As a result we have successfully crafted a distinct brand aesthetic for the collaboration We created a campaign that captured one cohesive identity driven by inspiration from all three brands. Powered by the grit of Mercedes F1, inspired by the re-imagined American prep of Tommy Hilfiger and shaped by the colourful eclecticness of Awake NY. Tommy Hilfiger, Mercedes F1, and Awake NY. By seamlessly blending the values of the collaboration, we have created a cohesive identity where each brand's unique strengths are showcased.

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