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MILU Cosmetics is a young and fun beauty brand with a selection of beauty products, including sheet masks, beauty tools, and skincare. With its strong offline and online presence at retailers such as Bijenkorf and Douglas, MILU was ready to bring its own online presence to the next level.

Digital strategy
Digital branding
Motion design
UX/UI design
Shopify Plus

Milu Cosmetics Digital Branding and Webshop Development
To reach the young and playful audience of MILU, a digital brand style update was required. Subtle gradients, playful arches, waves, large CTAs, and outlines pop-up forms were included in MILU's brand design.
Seriously fun beauty boosters
Mile Website Homepage
With Shopify 2.0 we were able to create a customised and unique CMS system. The flexibility of Shopify 2.0 allows you to easily build, play or change pages with custom blocks, without losing the consistency of the brand style. This makes the webshop accessible for MILU's e-commerce team, which can manage the webshop without any coding skills.
Milu website

Dermatologically tested  *  Clean beauty  *  Cruelty free  *  Dermatologically tested  *  Clean beauty  *  Cruelty free  *  

Dermatologically tested  *  Clean beauty  *  Cruelty free  *  Dermatologically tested  *  Clean beauty  *  Cruelty free  *  

Milu ingredient Chamomile
Milu Grapefruit Ingredient
Milu Hyaluron Ingredient
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Milu Ingredient Lotus
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Milu - Visual
Milu website
Milu website
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