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Life-changing power of dermatological skincare

Eucerin is a medical skincare brand dedicated to providing superior dermatological care. It’s this unique commitment to developing highly effective skincare products that has kept their name at the forefront of dermatological science for more than a century.

Eurcerin came to us with the desire to rethink their in-store experience. As aesthete design and branding specialists, we began imagining and re-constructing a new vision for their shopper path-to-purchase. This involved an optimised POS walkthrough that ensured brand visibility, clarity and shopper guidance.

RESULTWe designed intuitive product placements that guided consumers to make purchases based on their age and subsequent skincare needs, and designed and implemented consumer-facing posters and wobblers that complemented the new POS layout. The result? A well-orchestrated POS-driven design that guided shoppers through the in-store purchasing process.


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