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Collaborating with Auverture, we aimed to design a luxurious, sustainable jewellery box. The challenge was sourcing and fine-tuning 100% recycled materials to meet the high-end aesthetic and durability standards. Through meticulous selection and processing, we navigated this resourcing challenge, successfully aligning sustainability with luxury, encapsulating Auverture's brand ethos in our design.

Our collaboration with Auverture yielded a sustainable, luxurious jewellery box, showcasing our ability to balance high-end aesthetics with environmental responsibility. The product aligned seamlessly with Auverture's brand ethos, both in terms of aesthetics and brand philosophy.

Customer Journey

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Auverture - Complete Jewellry Box
The packaging we developed for Auverture enabled the brand to At Auverture, they believe in celebrating individuality. The brand is anti-mass-production, against plagiarism, and opposed to cutting corners for commerce. The unique identities of fine jewellery designers and their intricate creations are concealed behind a glossy curtain, enhancing the opportunity for personal expression from craftsperson to customer. with retail partners. An important step in the success of the brand.
For the jewellery box packaging, we used sustainable plates made of 100% recycled would-be waste, such as ocean plastic, discarded chopping boards, cosmetics bottles, yoghurt pots. Though, this plastic is nothing like any other sustainable material. The plastic waste is carefully washed and selected manually, all to ensure the durability of the boxes and create outstanding and unique designs.
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