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Is digital clothing the future of Fashion

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REAL ESTATE__________ MARKETING __________ BRANDING __________ Transportation __________ Social __________ Culture __________Lifestyle __________ Technology __________ Furniture __________ Transportation __________ Social __________ Culture __________

The fashion industry and its trends rapidly switch, brands offer a new collection weekly and consumers try to stay up to date. Often consumers buy a  new outfit influenced by social media o.a. but eventually wear it just once or twice. How can the digital world tap into the rapidly changing consumer needs and online presence?

These days, it has become highly unfashionable to wear an item of clothing until the end of its lifespan or even multiple times.

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It might not come as a surprise that the fashion industry is among the most polluting on the planet. The sector contributes as much as 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world, as well as being responsible for different other types of air pollution. On average, consumers throw away 60% of their clothes in the first year and globally just 12% of the material used for clothing ends up being recycled.

These days, it has become highly unfashionable to wear an item of clothing until the end of its lifespan. Indeed, many people buy a t-shirt, dress or other garments with the express intention of wearing them just once before throwing them away. This culture of instant gratification and the constant need to impress has led to an excessively high turnover of products in the clothing industry.

Instagram Frejawewer
Frejawewer Instagram
Instagram Frejawewer

Freja Wewer a Danish influencer in a collaboration with Fashion brand Closed.




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Is digital clothing
the future of fashion?

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Living in a word where the collection of positive earned media has more value than paid media for a brand, it is important to consider the feedback of your client. One marketing firm even found out that one negative article can lose a company as many as 22 percent of their customers. Just four such articles can drive off 70 percent

The virtual digital model generates the least environmental impact. Digital samples replacing physical garments during the design and development phases dramatically reduce the brand’s carbon footprint by up to 30%.

The Fabricant, is a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing. 

As a company of creative technologists The Fabricant envision a future where fashion transcends the physical body, and our digital identities permeate daily life to become the new reality. The Fabricant will be a leader in the movement that uploads the human to the next level of existence. They are building a business that prepares for that eventuality.

Digital-only fashion since 2016. Their work exists beyond the current concepts of catwalks, photographers, studios and sample sizes. For The Fabricant, imagination is their only atelier, and their fashion stories are free from the constraints of the material world.

The Fabricant

The Fabricant / Amber Jae Sloot

The world's first digital-only dress on the blockchain sells for $9500.

The sale of the Fabricant-designed ‘Iridescence’ dress represents a landmark moment in digital-only couture. As a first-of-its-kind blockchain transaction, the unique garment is a traceable, tradeable and collectable piece of digital art that was auctioned via Portion.

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Johanna Jaskowska
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The Frabricant X  Johanna Jaskowska X Dapper Labs



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Change styles with one item

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Augmented reality

One tee, unlimited prints

With the unlimited possibilities of AR, NFC or traditional QR it becomes easy to create unlimited digital t-shirt prints. By scanning a unique element, for example, a logo or icon you unlock a digital library with various prints, texts or images to place on your item. Making one piece unique, every time.



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pieces digitally

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Give consumers tools to stay on trend yet sustainable by offering digital pieces as quick and easy as physical clothing. For example, creating the option to buy items for the digital purpose only. In this way, the consumers can hop on trends fast and promote brands on social platforms without the need to use physical items that will never be worn again after the post.

Reversible Bodywarmer
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