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The New Generation

The Slazenger footwear brand brings an ode to the new generation of icons; individuals ready to impact the world of today, within and outside the world of sports. A new dimension has been introduced to the Slazenger heritage; supporting legends by focussing on the movements of today. ‘Slazenger: The New Generation’ will build on its meaningful heritage, while leaving a rebellious footprint by integrating younger and modern characteristics.

Content creation
Creative design
UI/UX design

Slazenger branding and concepting
Built on the foundations of its iconic heritage, 'Slazenger: The New Generation' pays tribute to the icons of today - the rebels, the good-do-ers, the social warriors. The collection is created for the iconic individuals that impact the world we live and play in, outside the field, the court or the arena.
Slazenger Art Direction and Campaign Content creation
Integrate the icons of today with the brand’s sustainable vision. Let them speak up! With a dedicated section on their website, the icons of today are giving a place to share their opinions.
Slazenger the New Generation Sneaker shoes streetwear
Slazenger webshop design for mobile in Shopify
Slazenger the New Generation Sneaker shoes streetwearSlazenger webshop design for mobile in Shopify
Slazenger webshop UX & UI design for Shopify Ecommerce
Slazenger webshop design homepage for sneakers in shopify
Slazenger Packaging for Sneakers
Slazenger - Billboard
Slazenger - Cards
Slazenger - Billboard
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