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At DUTCH DESIGN AGENCY, our ambition is to shape a brighter, more inclusive, and innovative future. As we step into 2024, we are excited to announce our annual initiative, inviting you to nominate a cause that aligns with both our vision and your passion.

This year, we're offering  400 hours  of our multidisciplinary expertise, to support a meaningful cause and create a lasting impact, valued at  50.000 euros . Apply before January 1st, 2024, and together, let's unlock our collective potential to create a meaningful impact.


Our offer includes a dedicated commitment of  400 hours  of full services to support and elevate a non-profit organization in reaching their goals. The value of this offer is set at  50.000 euros , which cannot be paid out in money and is subject to our terms and conditions.

This substantial contribution represents our dedication to fostering change and supporting meaningful initiatives.


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We will announce the selected cause on January 15th, 2024
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Last Year

Last year, we undertook the project 'Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week', a non-profit organisation deeply committed to addressing the societal and environmental impacts of fashion. Their primary goal revolves around encouraging a collective shift away from fast fashion consumption. This shift aims to extend the lifespan of garments and reduce production and waste, fostering a transformation that benefits us all.

We chose this project because it aligns with our agency's values of sustainability, supports a relevant cause, and offers a chance to make a positive impact through creativity while contributing to a larger movement.


Our Vision

We believe in building a positive world without creative boundaries, where progression is the norm, as we collectively build a brighter, more inclusive future with better standards for all.

Improved future

Healthy planet

Cultural Diversity

Creative Freedom

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