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Escape the everyday and make the impossible possible, that’s the strength VRGH (formerly known as VR Gamehouse) brings to the world of social experiences by introducing the power of Virtual Reality... With their gaming portfolio expanding rapidly and customer demand growing steadily, it was time to match their identity with their new status. To share new social experiences we won’t forget.
VRGH Logo VR Gamehouse
Virtual Reality Gamehouse Branding Animation
The unforgettable experiences that VRGH offer go beyond the limits of virtual reality. At VRGH, it starts with the first connection to the brand and proceeds to all touch points through the customer journey. The new visual language emphasises the merge between the real and virtual world.
Virtual Reality Gamehouse Branding Amsterdam
Virtual Reality Gamehouse Branding Icons
We elevated the visual language to an identity system, rooted in every touchpoint of the customer journey. To express the vibrant system, we lead the customer through their  experience, yet inspire them with assertive quotes and dynamic graphics.
Virtual Reality Gamehouse Slogan
Virtual Reality Gamehouse Animation

“They were able to translate and help expand our vision into real-world life branding”

“We at VRGH are a scale-up company who offer unique Virtual Reality Experiences in Amsterdam. We started small and over the years grew explosively and wanted to level-up. We immediately had a great click with Thomas & Esmee, they are genuine and really took the time for us. They were able to translate and help expand our vision and thoughts into real-world life branding. We can highly recommended them, as they work fast, professionally and overdeliver. They took our company to the next level (something we wouldn’t be able to achieve without them) and we are very grateful for that. Thanks again!”
Chris Elmendorp founder and CEO at VRGH