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The Student Village is made up of 3 Buildings with 500 student rooms and apartments at the Zurich University. We created a Brand look and feel for the project and turned it into an online tool, not only for the students, but for the managers as well.

Students can create profiles and virtually visit the project, request a room or use the booking system to reserve various facilities on site. All processes are automated so that our client only has to click on accept or deny requests that they receive in the form of an email.

Concept design and development
Interactive floorplan and apartment booking system
User Profile CRM
Automated communication system
Web Development
3D renderings

The 3 Buildings that create the Student Village smoothly grasp each other, generating a sequence of versatile spaces in and out of the courtyard within. You can enjoy the privacy of your own room, or take advantage of the great social platform within your own complex.