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Since 1994, is the digital pioneer in IT solutions for businesses. With their legacy of innovation, they believed the current generation of leaders, known as the corporate suited men and woman, will go extinct and be replaced by the young, more individual next-gen leaders. To realise their vision they needed a new identity to broadcast to a world ready for the leaders of tomorrow.
The new identity concept is fuelled by their legacy, elevated from pioneer-ship to the innovation business partners for the next-gen leaders. The system is rooted in the brand mark by combining the serif and sans-serif inspired typography, highlighting the blend of both expertise and futuristic expression.
To amplify their vision as an innovation business partner, they expanded their services to a strong trinity proposition, validating their expertise in digital innovation.
INFO offers tailor-made solutions which have been visualised as constantly mutating variations in their client’s needs. Combined with the green accentuation, which parades like a thread throughout the visual identity, it highlights the added value clients inherit.
INFO visuals
Visual INFO
As a result, the company embodied the new strategy and identity throughout all internal and external aspects of the business, allowing them to escalate to a new level.

“A highly recognisable yet versatile style, in which we really found the new us.”

“With DDA, we found a partner that understood, challenged us and then threw their own creativity in the mix. Designing a brand is a hard and sometimes even emotional task, and I felt guided through the process all the way. Within three iterations they managed to guide us from showing a wide spectrum of possibilities at the start, to a clear design direction based on our feedback that felt right. The result was and is amazing; a highly recognisable but versatile style, in which we really found the new us.”
Remmert Stipdonk CEO at INFO
Brand positioning
Identity systems
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Thomas André de la Porte
Siana Durfort
Sanne Huuskes
Julia Krenn
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