MAY 2021
Cultivating the  next gen leaders is the digital pioneer in  IT solutions for businesses, since 1994. With their legacy of innovation, they believed the current generation of  leaders, known as the corporate suited men , will go extinct and evolve to the young, more individual next gen leaders.  To realize their vision they needed a new identity to grasp these next gen leaders that shapes a world ready for the leaders of tomorrow.


Brand strategy
Brand proposition
Identity systems
UI/UX design
Brand Collaterals


Sanne Huuskes
Siana Durfort
Remke Zoon
Jannes Haagsman

The new identity system is energized by the legacy, elevated from the pioneership to the innovation business partners for the next-gen leaders. The system is rooted in the wordmark, by combining the serif and sans-serif inspired typography. Highlighting the merge of expertise and futuristic expression.
INFO offers tailor-made solutions which has been visualized as a constant deforming organism, portraying the clients needs, combined with a green accention, which parades as a thread trough the identity, defining the resulted solutions.
To emphasize the system, the identity has been enforced to every identity component, verifying their growth to innovation business partner.
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INFO, helping clients become future proof. Strategy, Design and Digital