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Habi NexHabi Nex
Sustainable housing for a changing society

It started as a non-profit organisation founded by a group of experienced architects and engineers to help improve housing in disadvantaged communities.

We where asked to develop a strong position in the commercial landscape and transform the business model from a non-profit to a for-profit organisation. We did this by naming, rebranding, defining the brand architecture and aligning their mission and vision with the story.

Habi-Nex homes are for everyone. Modular, durable and flexible. There is a habi-nex home for every situation and environment.

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Habi Nex
Habi NexHabi Nex

Pantone: 2024 U
R243 G116 B67

Pantone: 652 U
R115 G168 B212

C11 M9 Y13 K0
R224 G221 B215

C00 M00 Y00 K100
R00 G00 B00

Light Grey
C4 M3 Y3 K0
R240 G240 B240


We used two distinctive and recognisable colours that each indicate the profit or non-profit section of the organisation, orange for profit and blue for non-profit.

Story telling

To showcase the numerous possibilities of the modular houses, we used personalised stories to each describe the various preferences and motivation of the habi-nex homes.In order to respond to each person's own needs and wishes, we devloped a filter on the website. Every visitor can set their own preferences in order to find the most suitable story and home for them.
Habi Nex
Habi Nex
Habi Nex
Habi NexHabi Nex
Habi NexHabi Nex
Habi Nex


To increase the usability of the website we created a responsive website design where the digital experience is consistently extended for mobile devices.
Habi Nex
Habi Nex
Habi Nex