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Gotzha is more than a performance marketing agency. What once started as a start-up in Bangkok, has now grown into a mature company with offices all over the world. Their diverse culture is strongly represented and reflected in the visual language, making it possible for them to feel and act as one, whether working from Amsterdam or Toronto.

Creative design
Content creation
Motion design
UX/UI design
Website implementation

gotzha photoshoot with logo icon
Celebrating what is most important; it’s people.
As Gotzha has grown to become one of the big players in their industry, it was time for them to show and act as one. While doing our research and experimenting with different conceptual directions, it was clear for us to translate and celebrate what is most important to them; their people. This resulted in a fun and vibrant brand that is recognisable and supportive through all the touchpoints.
gotzha poster
Storytelling with design
The building blocks tell the story of the people and represent the strong and diverse culture, making Gotzha truly Gotzha. As Gotzha’s services are online focused, we used legible and functional typefaces that work well with the vibrant and colourful shapes. Resulting in typefaces with loads of personality and strong character.
gotzha design shoot
gptzha magazine
gotzha design shoot
gotzha website design
A vibrant and playful User Interface
The Gotzha UI is playful, vibrant and to the point. The UI elements are recognisable and constant, with clear typography that does not distract from the functionality. With the use of animations and loading effects, the user is stimulated to explore every step of the way. We differentiated multiple design journeys for their two target audiences; advertisers and publishers. Keeping their goals in mind, we created subtle design and interactive element changes, ensuring a clear user path.
Gotzha - Windmill
Gotzha Website Design, user interface.
gotzha magazine design
Consistent throughout the journey
As Gotzha is primarily online, the website serves as a lead generator. The digital platform is consistent and recognisable along the touchpoints, whether it is to sign-up as a publisher or download the latest white paper.
gotzha real estate
A vibrant and playful User Interface
To further amplitude and emphasise personalisation, architectural icons from the office locations were translated into building blocks. Making it possible to reinvent the design along with the growing brand. The building blocks are cheerful and dynamic. They can be used to tell a story, convey feelings, or amplify meaning. The blocks can be used as vibrant patterns to easily brand posters, create content or develop landing pages. The colourful blocks are easy to combine with images.
gotzha design icon
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Gotzha Branding Teaser Video
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