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family blend
JAN 2020
connecting brand with families

Familyblend is an online marketing agency that connects brands with young families. By being in contact with millions of young families, they offer the unique opportunity to create the perfect connection between brand and families. In 2019 we were asked to redefine their identities and communication strategy. This work resulted in a new branding and a new proposition for their services.


Brand segmentation
Communication assets
UX/UI design
Website Implementation

Familyblend - Mobile Website
Familyblend - Typography
Familyblend - Print Mockup
Familyblend - Abri
Familyblend - Business Cards
Familyblend - Mockups
Familyblend - Join the family
Familyblend - Website
Familyblend - MobileFamilyblend - MobileFamilyblend - Mobile
Familyblend - Magazine
Familyblend - Elements
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