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Making people feel beautiful in their skin

Beiersdorf has been caring for skin since 1882. Throughout their history, they have built trust by staying close to their consumers and developing innovative skincare brands tailored to their needs. As branding partner, we contribute to Beiersdorf’s global vision of ‘making people feel good in their skin’ and build towards their dream of ‘becoming the number one skincare company in the world’.

Beiersdorf caters for all sorts of needs, as they believe that ‘making people feel good in their skin means different things to different people’. They operate in the mass market, as well as the more distinct dermatological and premium markets.

With our strategic insights and creative services, Dutch Design Agency supports Beiersdorf with their daily activities regarding product communication and the retail environment.

For the past five years, we have combined our strengths in the creation of numerous retail design solutions to achieve the optimal buying navigation.

Brand positioning
Identity systems
Instore communication
POS & Packaging


beiersdorf nivea prodcut
beiersdorf nivea products
beiersdorf nivea photoshoot
beiersdorf eucerin products shoot
beiersdorf eucerin photoshoot
beiersdorf labello product shoot
beiersdorf labello product shoot
beiersdorf 8x4 products
beiersdorf 8x4 products
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