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91% of people

believe that companies should fuel innovation by listening to buyers and customers, but…

2% of consumers

will bother to complete a questionnaire.

Countless and valuable data
about your consumers

To get the customer experience more engaging it is key to know how your customers feel. Regular data analytics can be a great help in letting you know what people like, but not why. The ability to ask direct/relevant questions to your consumers is, therefore, the most obvious solution is to let your customers take a survey. Surveys may sound old-fashioned relative to all the new technologies available today, but it still one of the most effective ways to know how your customers think. Companies have been drowning customers in survey requests and as few as 2% of consumers will bother to complete a questionnaire.

And that’s a danger; Those who choose to fill them out are a self-selecting group. In order to gain a truly representative picture of customer needs and thoughts, you need to hear from as many people as possible. Achieving a high response rate needs to be one of your key surveying goals in order to avoid skewed results. Research shows says businesses have generally failed to reward customers for filling them out, and that they did not see any change after sharing their input, resulting in disinterest in the future. So how can make sure more people will complete and be truly honest within surveys?

So let’s start

If suddenly the safety of the world laid in your hands…

Will you take the Challenge

Surveys may sound old-fashioned relative to all the new technologies available today, but it still one of the most effective way to know how your customers think.

If your content isn’t clear and to the point, then you’ll lose them straight away. You need to grab their attention… and keep it.

Digital experience

Emerge your consumers in a once-in-a-lifetime digital experience. Because under pressure people become their true self.

An interactive survey that uses storytelling and gamification to introduce them to different situations in which they have to make choices.
An adventure in which they have to respond
quickly to threatening circumstances.

Quick reflexes & gut feeling
Break the speed limit
Will you go in for help?

A thrilling experiment with profitable value for businesses

Use creativity to grab attention, move culture and ultimately spark action. Take the chance to do more than basic questions and messaging by actually giving them something they want to talk about and do. Gaining more realistic data will give you the chance to adapt to your customer's personal needs and ultimately build a long term relationship.

Will you take the jump?

of the people feel more connected and heard by the brand

Reflect your insights intovaluable brand expressions

Are you ready?

Best practices

Swipe Night

Seven years after revolutionising dating, Tinder faced user fatigue and heated competition. To breathe new life into its brand, 72andSunny Los Angeles created Swipe Night - a first-of-its-kind interactive content series in the Tinder app. The story is a first-person, apocalyptic adventure, where at key points Tinder members decide what happens next.

Their choices dictate more than the story; they impact who they match with and what they chat about. Swipe Night’s premiere had nearly 4x the viewership of Euphoria - HBO’s Gen Z hit. It also sparked a 1,600% increase in Twitter activity and a 26% increase in user matches.

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